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This year Italia, amore mio! is dedicated to the most romantic of love stories celebrated in Japan as Tanabata, when the two stars Vega and Altair separated  by the Milky Way can finally meet on July 7th. Our Italian version of Tanabata is personified by Romeo and Juliet, whose romantic affair evolves around their dialogues from an iconic balcony. 

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Artist: winner of X-Factor Italia and acknowledged as one of the most relevant artist in contemporary scene.

TV Personality: Ambassador for Italia, amore mio! 2019. Elegant and warm-hearted Italian style!

Benedetta parodiJournalist, writer, TV presenter but most of all food enthusiast and passionate chef!

Girolamo PanzettaModel, TV Personality: the most famour Italian in Japan. Or own Jiro!

Influencer and Youtuber: with over 1,5 min followers Sofia is one of the most influential voice of Italian SNS

Emiliano Pepe

Singer, Musician: sensibility and creativity of a full artist.

Saila Kunikida

Model, Actress: icon of style and beauty, suspended midway between Italy and Japan

Italy’s top Sport Commentator: the voice that colors the world of sport on TV.

The Journalist who talks about Japanese Food Culture in Italy

Japanese accordionist with a full Italian heart

Nicoletta Morozzi

Fashion Scientific Advisor and Senior Faculty at NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

Antonio Fucito

Food Journalist
The digital voice of pizza

Fantastic Bariton with an original song exclusively for Italia, amore mio!


Musical at its best!

Italian-Japanese Opera Duo. Classic and powerful!



No Music, No Amore… Opera, pop, classics, an original song written for Italia, amore mio!, solo piano by Emiliano Pepe, Japan first-ever concert by Chiara Galiazzo in duet with Japanese accordion legend Coba and a collective karaoke to wrap-up on Sunday.

Romeo and Juliet

Take a pic on the Love Balcony and compete to get a fantastic gift!

It’s super easy! Take a pic with your favorite person, pet or object on the Love Balcony.

Post it on Instagram or Facebook, tag @iccjtokyo and add #amoremio2019 #イタリアに恋しちゃう

Pizza, pasta and more!

Chic-chocolate, the first soft-cream Italian gelato, an all-Italian beer garden, all the cold-cuts you have been dreaming of, an epic Pasta-Bar, an original “Amoremio” Pizza, wine from every region… This and much more for you to taste and enjoy on July 6th and 7th.

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Meet Romeo

July 6th-7th between 12:00 and 18:00

Come and take a picture with our very own Romeo on the love balcony at Italia, amore mio!

Everyone is a Juliet

Come and try on the Family Dress! 
The Family Dress is a project by NABA (Milano New Art Academy) to promote inclusiveness and is made of 31 dresses knitted by several people from several countries. Come to Italia, amore mio! and join other 30 Juliets for a unique fitting!

Fly and cruise to Italy

Try your luck with our Tanabata’s tanzaku (lottery) and win a flight to Italy with Alitalia and a cruise around the Mediterranean with MSC Cruises. Tanzaku tickets are on sale at the event during the two days.

Film Premiere

Taken from travel diaries, it was born with the idea of telling the mission of the Corrieri Solidali of Take Me Back, a project that aims to awaken the primordial beauty of solidarity in people.

The director follows the Solidarity Couriers in the ten days of their trip to Sri Lanka: 1 director, 1 video camera, 2 couriers, 3 backpacks and a few Sinhalese rupees.

Inspired Eating

A quick recipe can always come in handy so does a hint on traditional Italian cooking. Learn from the masters and ask the experts of Italia, amore mio!
Cooking shows with Italy’s top food personality Benedetta Parodi, Tuscan master Chef Gianluca Pardini and pizza legend Vincenzo Roberto. Talks with food journalists (Antonio Fucito and Stefania Viti) and food enthusiasts Girolamo and Mine Ryuta.


Do you want to surprise your beloved half and tell her/him how big is your love? 
Do it big and loud on maxi screen. 

This is how: 1) take a video with your smart phone (up to 1 minute); 2) Send it to our email, subject: “Love on Maxi Screen”; 3) come to the venue on Saturday, July 6th between 15:00 and 16:00 with the person you want to surprise; 4) enjoy her/his surprise when your video comes up on the maxi screen!