In collaboration with the Italian Rugby Federation, and the special support of Cattolica Assicurazioni, ICCJ dedicates the Autumn edition of Italia, amore mio! to rugby and in particular to support the Italian national team during its stay in Japan. Go azzurri!


Ueda – 9/13-14
Osaka – 9/18-23
Fukuoka – 9/24
Toyota – 10/6

Ueda – 9/13-14
Osaka – 9/18-23
Fukuoka – 9/24
Toyota – 10/6


Chiara Galiazzo singer

One of the most relevant singer in contemporary scene

Emiliano Pepe

Singer, Musician: sensibility and creativity of a full artist

La Pina

Acclaimed DJ, singer, writer, Tokyo lover

Onorati Sabatino TRIO

Jazz Vocalist & Trio

Celebrity Chef
Talk & Cooking Show

TV Personality & ex-rugby player

Meet & Talk

Piero Marsiglio

Make-up Artist

Talk & Show

Ryu Matsuyama

In concert

I magnifici tre

Jazz Trio

Yasutaka Shibata

Musical at its best!

Cristiano Pozzi



Italian-Japanese Opera Duo
Classic and powerful!


Live Concerts

Opera, pop, classics, rock… Chiara Galiazzo livesolo piano by Emiliano Pepe, Ryu Matsushima, Letizia Onorati & Paolo Di Sabatino Trio – Notes and Words Loving Japan and I magnifici tre for all Jazz lovers and more

Collective Fitting

Come and try on the Family Dress!
The Family Dress is a project by NABA (Milano New Art Academy) to promote inclusiveness and is made of 31 dresses knitted by several people from several countries. Come to Cattolica Piazza Italia and join other 30 Juliets for a unique fitting!

Pizza, pasta and more!

Gelato, Italian beer, an epic Pasta-Bar, wine from every region, Pizza… This and much more for you to taste and enjoy!


Taken from travel diaries, it was born with the idea of telling the mission of the Corrieri Solidali of Take Me Back, a project that aims to awaken the primordial beauty of solidarity in people.

The director follows the Solidarity Couriers in the ten days of their trip to Sri Lanka: 1 director, 1 video camera, 2 couriers, 3 backpacks and a few Sinhalese rupees.

Inspired Eating

A quick recipe can always come in handy so does a hint on traditional Italian cooking. Learn from the masters and ask the experts of Cattolica Piazza Italia. Cooking shows with Japan’s top chef Daisuke Yamane and Italian master chef Cristiano Pozzi. Talks with food enthusiasts and masterclasses on Italian agricultural products held by Italian Trade Agency

Public Viewing

Watch RWC’s live matches at Bar Sport special corner just like in a piazza together with your friends while sipping some Italian drinks