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FoodVincenzo Roberto, one of Italy’s top pizza masters from Naples is flying to Tokyo to bake a brand, new flavored pizza: the Amoremio! taste. Will it be spicy or sweet? For sure it will be good, just like love. Come and try for yourself.

Available pizzas:

Margherita – the classic. Tomato, mozzarella, basil and that’s it!

Amoremio – the original. Tomato, mozzarella, zucchini cream, speck ham

The pizza corner is offered in collaboration with Garage Pizza.

Product sponsors: Caseificio Ponticorvo (imported by Sayu), Aicoh Mixers and Masuda Renga


Featuring 2011 Winner of Gran Concorso di Cucina Chef Daisuke Yamazaki with a warm and a cold option.

Available pastas:

Pasta fredda alla Ciambotta (cold pasta with ciambotta pesto) Spaghetti con broccoli e salsiccia Both dishes will be served with focaccia bread and taralli (bread snack)   The pasta bar is offered in collaboration with restaurant Antichi Sapori. Product sponsor: “Dal Cuore” from Pastificio Liguori (imported by Sayu)

Spoil yourself with a soft gelato ice-cream.

Available flavors:

  • Gianduia (cocoa and hazelnuts)
  • Fiordilatte (premium milk)
  • Italian hazelnut

Choose among the regular cone, the special chocolate cone, and the cup.

The soft cream corner is offered by Carpigiani.


The “cocomeraio” has come!

it’s not a proper July without a watermelon stand and other refreshing fruits!

At the Arigat-EU house, free samples of delicious deli-meat from Italy:

Consorzio Mortadella Bologna PGI

The Consorzio Mortadella Bologna, established in 2001, has as its main purpose the protection, enhancement, and promotion of Mortadella Bologna PGI. It also carries out activities to combat imitations and counterfeits. Currently, the Consorzio Mortadella Bologna brings together 27 companies, which produce approximately 95% of all Mortadella Bologna PGI.



Consorzio Cacciatore Italiano DPO

Since 2005, the Consorzio Cacciatore Italiano is involved in the information, protection, and enhancement of the Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora DPO. It also has supervisory powers, able to counteract abuses, imitations, piracy, and counterfeiting, throughout the world.




Consorzio Zampone and Cotechino Modena PGI

The Consorzio Zampone and Cotechino Modena PGI were established in 2001, with the aim of protecting, enhancing and promoting Cotechino Modena PGI and Zampone Modena PGI. 14 companies are part of the consortium which represents the main producers of these two types of deli meat.



The corner will be coordinated by chef Imai from Pepe Rosso,  one of the Japanese Ambassador for the second year of the project “Arigat-EU”.
The project “Arigat-EU, the authentic deli meat from Europe” which started in February 2018, combines three consortia for the protection of PDO and PGI deli meats, co-funded by the European Union and aimed at the Japanese market. The campaign involves the promotion of these Italian delicatessen excellences: Mortadella Bologna PGI Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO, Zampone Modena PGI, and Cotechino Modena PGI. The chief objective is to increase the level of knowledge and recognition of European quality labels and improve consumer awareness in terms of food safety, traceability, tradition, authenticity, nutritional, health and sustainability aspects. Also, through the project, it will be possible to optimize the image of EU agricultural products outside the EU, particularly in the Japanese market, and strengthen the recognition of the Union quality schemes for authentic, non-counterfeit products.








Ferrero Rocher special packageAt the Ferrero booth in the “Italy Amore Mio!” venue, free samples of Ferrero Rocher and an original Tanabata Tree photospot!

A lottery will award 100 guests with the limited edition “Tanabata package” Ferrero Rocher.

Ferrero is a global confectionery maker. Ferrero has decided to hold a package design contest “Made in Italy, Wrapped in Japan” for Japanese students. This contest is held in collaboration with carefully selected universities and aims to uncover Japan’s youthful talent through special package design and provide them a chance to present their works. The contest-winner design will be commercialized as a package or will be used for promotion activities in the Asia Pacific.

Mini sandwichesIt’s “panino” if it’s one. It’s “giusto” if it’s a good one. 

Available sandwiches:

Tris: mini-sandwiches of different flavors 

Panino Giusto bento box: panino served with salad and dessert.

A proper Italian Beer Garden featuring Peroni, Nastro Azzurro, Moretti… and the best of wines from bubbles to white and reds.

Available choices:

  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro beer, at the Peroni house
  • Terre Paolini wines (Lazio region), at the Storie d’Italia booth
  • Intini wines (Apulia region), at the Stainless Kobo booth
  • Moretti Beer, at the Monte Bussan booth
  • Prosecco, together with the Fruit Corner

Italian fruit juices and other refreshments to beat the heat.

Available choices:

  • Sanpellegrino fruit beverages
  • Yoga fruit juice

These restaurants are offering Italian menus within the event premises:

  • Bondy cafe: free samples of tuna from Hikario

  • PCA Cardinal: for the two days of Italia, amore mio!, an all-Italian menu and vini from Pasqua wines, including a special-edition “Romeo & Juliet”

    P A S S I O N E S E N T I M E N T O
    R O S S O
    T H E S T Y L E
    Vibrant ruby red, hints of cherry, plum and spice characteristics.
    Rich, warm, lusty and complex, with soft, velvety tannins and a powerful
    A great accompaniment to a rich Risotto as well as to slow-cooked meats
    and mature cheeses.

    P A S S I O N E S E N T I M E N T O
    B I A N C O
    T H E S T Y L E
    An elegant and unique white wine, with stoned and tropical fruit flavours.
    Delightfully concentrated, bold, thick with honey, spice and almond.
    To enjoy chilled with shellfish, sushi, Thai food.
    A good match also for mild blue cheese.